Increasing The Value Of Your Home Before Resale

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Purchasing a home is a large investment.  Over the years we pay on a mortgage to cover the initial buying price and over the course of our time there we make changes and improvement.  These changes and improvements are designed to do two things.  First they are designed to help make the home our own and second it is used to increase the value of the home for the time we decide to sell it.  However, what are the best areas to do improvements on before talking to property appraisers Las Vegas NV.


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The kitchen is a hot spot for homebuyers.  The kitchen is the heart of the house for many.  It is where the family goes to eat, talk about the day and build memories.  When looking for a new house to purchase many will look for counter space, lighting, bright colors on the walls and a coherent flow.


Bathrooms are next on the list.  How big is the tub?  Do we have full or half baths?  Do we have a shower and what is the overall appearance of the bathroom?  Is it a natural color or is it a pink and purple tile with green molding?  Designing and having a neutral or soft toned bathroom will make it more appealing to the whole.  Stepping outside earth tones and cools will lessen the appeal.

The yard

The yard is the other major concern.  If the yard is too big or too small it may have different appeals to different people.  The yard is a hard one to judge for people.  Some may love the house but hate the yard or vice versa.  The best thing that you can do with the yard is to keep it presentable and maintained.  It will be the first impression people get when looking at the house.